Feeling into winter.

We are in the true depth of winter now and I can feel it in my bones. When the cold air flows over my bare skin and exposed face in the cold ocean, I feel my aliveness. In Tofino, a real moist west coast cold resides in the environment. I have noticed that if I push myself beyond my natural energy my body feels empty and tired. The call to rest is deeper now then any of the seasons. With shorter days and lower light we are being called to enter into stillness and quiet. This time is said in Chinese medicine classical teachings to be the most Yin of the seasons. Yin energy holding the qualities of darkness, receptivity, and connection to the moon.

Have you been feeling more sensitive and slow moving these days? Have no fear, nature is also in a resting time. This is when plants withdraw, setting their roots deep into the earth preparing for the coming spring energy to rise.

How can we seek replenishment and reflection in a culture that rewards productivity? Listen to your feelings, pause and ask yourself “how do I feel right now?” let old conditioning fall away as you tap into the truth of your own experience moment to moment. May meditative practices be an anchor for you.

The emotion of this time of year is fear, asking us to decide if we will act from fear or love in every action and decision. According to the Chinese five element system, winter is related to the water element. Water is a fluid of life. Within our bodies, it is an essential medium through which all things pass and hydrates our cells. In nature water falls from the sky, covers the earth in great mass, forms snow, rivers, and lakes to nourish the land. In many traditions water is a sacred substance to be honored and respected.

How do you acknowledge water in your life?

The bladder and kidneys are the organs and meridians (channels) are associated with winter and provide pathways for this seasons energy to flow within us. The taste is salty. Adding dark sea vegetables into your crock pot stews and soups will keep you feeling well. As you navigate the stormy waters of this inward season, may you come out the other side feeling refreshed and ready to grow into the expansive energy of spring.

Listen to the ocean through your receptive ears and trust the unfolding of your life.

With love


Photo: By Owen Perry, see more of his work at: https://www.circa1983.ca/