Winter is the end of all seasons. To unify with winter, one can emphasize the Yin principle to become more receptive, introspective, and storage oriented. Cold and darkness drive to seek inner warmth. It is time to rest, to meditate deeply, refine spiritual essence, and store physical energy (in the form of added healthy weight) for the cold season. Even though the slow Yin energy predominates, one must stay active enough to keep your spines and joints flexible.
It is said that the Kidneys and Bladder (the organs that govern this season) open to the ears, which means the ability to listen clearly to your souls calling is heightened in the silent months. Enjoying warm hearty soups, whole grains, and roasted nuts that are perfect for cold days. Dried foods, small dark beans (like black beans), seaweeds and steamed winter greens fortify the Kidney and Bladder organs. Cooking food for longer at lower temperatures (pull out your crock pot) can help contain nutrients and tap into the slow energy of the season. The flavour of the season is salty so make sure to add just a little into food with the added bitter taste to create harmony in your digestive system. Nourish yourself in all ways this winter.
May you be held in the loving embrace of slow days, filled with pleasure practices that tune you into your deepest essence. Get salty but make sure you have a good wet suit because you want to keep your precious body warm in the wondrous and wild mother ocean!

With warmth,

Image of Peter Devries shot by Marcus Paladino