So here I am freshly 28 years old and shifting my name. Not changing my name because my legal name is Melody Nicole Hurrell Walford.

It all started back in February, the beautiful full moon a glimmer in the early nights sky as I drove home from a full day of teaching and bodywork. It came to me clearly, it is time to make the transition.


For me this is a step of Empowerment, of letting go of the past and coming into the present with a new perspective.  I feel like Nicole is the smaller version of myself that is outdated. In my life at present there are many shifts and changes occurring in all aspects of my life and Self. So here I am stepping into the true Melody that I authentically feel I am. I have always wanted to clarify the confusion at Doctors offices or on Air Flights (actually anywhere I have to use a legal document) when in the past Melody would be called and I would pause remembering oh that is me.

To Clarity!

Of course there is a resonance that I love about Melody…it has rhythm, flow and grace…all aspects of myself I wish to embody more fully. Not to mention how Music and Bhakti (Devotion) are rich parts of my life. When I hear a good melody my body responds by literally pulling my body, heart and soul to my feet in movement expression.

There is a real softness and femininity to Melody that I love. I feel the Universe is guiding me and so I rest into the arms that carry me through this dance of life; trusting more and loving deeper.

It will take time, so no worries about calling me Nicole or Nicky or Pickle or Noodles…it is all apart of the evolution towards who I truly am.

Sat Nam (True Name or Truth)

Read more on what this mantra means.

In Love