Have you ever wondered what Acupuncture treats?

Here are a number of conditions/imbalances that Acupuncture can help with:

PAIN- Acute or chronic, from musculoskeletal to unidentified origins, acupuncture can treat pain on
all levels: body; mind; spirit.

MENTAL-EMOTIONAL HEALTH-Acupuncture can regulate an overloaded nervous system to smooth
out emotional and physical imbalances that present when the body is in a stressed, depressed, or
anxious state.

MENSTURAL CYCLE- Acupuncture, along with diet and lifestyle changes, works well to create a
balanced, regular cycle. It can decrease the pain, duration, and severity of periods. Acupuncture can
also regulate short or long cycles, or the absence of a cycle. As well, PMS symptoms, including mood
regulation, can be supported.

FERTILITY- Acupuncture is effective for all genders in treating imbalances that may lead to
infertility or difficulty conceiving. Treatments have been confirmed to increase the success of IVF
when used in unison.

DIGESTION- Poor digestion, decreased appetite, bloating and discomfort, loose stools, and
constipation can all be treated by acupuncture in combination with nutrition therapy.

IMMUNE SYSTEM- Regular acupuncture treatments can boost your immune system, enhancing your
body’s innate ability to deal with colds, flus and other immune system imbalances.

JOINT HEALTH- Acupuncture needles can reach deep into the joints all throughout the body,
stimulating energy and blood flow to areas to decrease pain and increase mobility.

*Note that a wide variety of other conditions can also be treated. To inquire if this medicine could work for you, book a initial consultation by going to the home page.

With Love