Ever wondered why at the same time frame regularly you feel tired, anxious, cold or hot, irritable, feel worried or wake up from a deep sleep?

Chinese medicine’s organ clock system helps to shed light to the particular organ or element that could be out of balance. By using the wisdom of the circadian wheel of the 24/h organ clock and elemental associations we can begin to uncover our optimal health and routine.

By acknowledging that we are cyclical beings and knowing that everything we do, eat, drink, experience affects us; we can work to align with a more harmonious inner state and live more ease filled lives.


LUNG: 3-5 am (deep sleep, dreaming, memories, detox lungs, breathe, grief/sadness)

LARGE INTESTINE: 5-7 am (wake, release bowels, meditate, it’s a new day)


STOMACH: 7-9 am (eat breakfast, concentrate, walk, nourish, sympathy or worry)

SPLEEN: 9-11 am (clear thinking, covert food to Qi for the day, gently contemplate)


HEART: 11-1 pm (blood circulation, high energy, eat lunch, joy)

SMALL INTESTINE: 1-3pm (sort and absorb food and experiences, low energy, rest/nap time)


BLADDER: 3-5pm (energy restored, liquid waste released, work and study)

KIDNEY: 5-7pm (fear, store nutrients, build marrow, slow down, eat dinner)


PERICARDIUM: 7-9pm (protection, self love, light reading, softness)

SAN JIAO: 9-11pm (connection, endocrine and metabolic balancing, getting sleepy)


GALL BLADDER: 11-1am (sleep, release bile, cellular repair, build blood cells)

LIVER: 1-3am (anger/frustration, disturbed dreams, deep sleep, detox blood, rest and recovery, planning)


If you are curious about one of these organs or elements and their qualities come work with an Acupuncturist at arbutushealth.janeapp.com