What an incredible two weeks it has been…life feels ripe and profoundly full at the present moment. It is like every day is stretching my capacity to feel joy. Many endings are opening me to new beginnings. I feel as if I am being deeply held and supported in my choices and actions. It hasn’t always been this way…not far off there was an anxious haze that followed me as I went through life, like at any moment things might fall apart. I have my moments but they don’t hold their grip anymore. I can see through it and laugh at the story rising up to be seen and explored.

My life thus far has been a windy journey, no straight line for this chica! I used to compare my life to those who sequentially progressed and seemingly had their path clearly set out before them. Now I stand looking over at the past and all that I have been through and smile with appreciation…thank you for the journey…for the pain, the lessons, the joy, the confusion, the indecision, the fear, the opportunities, the love, the sorrow, the triumphs and tribulations. For it has brought me to where I am now and I am so grateful for my blessed life.

I just received my acceptance letter to enter into the Doctor of Chinese Medicine program at Pacific Rim College in beautiful Victoria, BC.

I finished my last week of work last Wednesday, which was the most touching experience of my career. The true authentic heart of the students I have been blessed to share the teachings of yoga with will forever reside within me. The kindness, the thoughtful words, cards, hugs and gifts blew my heart wide open. I remember a precious moment where I turned to a student and said “my heart feels like it is going to explode, I don’t know if I can handle any more…will it? She lovingly replied “no it is just going to keep getting bigger and expanding” this is the magic and power of love, it just keeps growing as you share it and with that life keeps getting better and better. There really is no top end! Thank you to the yogi’s of Oceanside Yoga and The Asana Room. I feel honored to have been given the gift of time and growth that we shared while celebrating a life of practice with each of you.

…and so the journey continues…

I will be a free bird this summer expanding my wings, nourishing and soaring in the sun before I dive into the depths and richness of Integrative Medicine. I am delighted to be calling Victoria home for the coming years while staying connected to my roots in the Comox Valley and gulf islands. I will return to teach workshops and keep sharing in bodywork and yoga throughout the summer…so message me if you are interested in privates or massage.

To those who have been there for me this past year and a half holding my hand, loving and listening. While I wavered in indecision, experienced health challenges and passed statistics! Thank you. I cannot express with the simplicity of words how grateful I am to have the family and friends that illuminate my life. For the lunch dates, phone calls, FaceTime dates, walks, surfs, potlucks and teas…I love you.

For the first time in my life I can honestly say it is true, you can do absolutely anything you put your whole heart and intention into. It will take effort (sometimes a lot, other times less) and intense focus but dreams are intended to be lived and danced into reality…so here we go! To the next Divinely graced chapter of this life, I am so ready!

Namaste Melody