The summer season is associated with the bitter flavour. Cruciferous vegetables, including cauliflower and broccoli, are categorized within this vegetable family. Some other common bitter foods are: coffee, dark chocolate (cacao), kale, dandelion, grapefruit, green tea, rhubarb, turmeric, hibiscus, and endive. The bitter taste stimulates digestion and has a descending, drying, and draining quality.

Used in moderation in summer bitter helps to balance the heart and the fire element to experience a season of connection, laughter and joy. Like anything in excess bitter can create disharmony, so be mindful in the amount and frequency, feel into yourself to know what is just right for you. Everything in moderation.

Here is a very simple dish to connect you to the bitter taste in a really yummy way!

Cauliflower & Broccoli booster side dish

w/coconut oil and nutritional yeast

  • 1 large broccoli head
  • 1 small cauliflower head
  • 1 tsp braggs or 1 tsp of sea salt
  • 1 Tbs coconut oil or grass fed butter
  • 1 Tbs nutritional yeast
  • 1 tsp of fresh ground pepper

Steam or roast vegetables until tender but not mushy. In a bowl add all ingredients until smooth and creamy.

Serve warm. Give thanks. Eat mindfully.