What can Acupuncture treat?

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Have you ever wondered what Acupuncture treats? Here are a number of conditions/imbalances that Acupuncture can help with: PAIN- Acute or chronic, from musculoskeletal to unidentified origins, acupuncture can treat pain on all levels: body; mind; spirit. MENTAL-EMOTIONAL HEALTH-Acupuncture can regulate an overloaded nervous system to smooth out emotional and physical imbalances that present when the [...]

THE PSOAS MUSCLE: The myofascial lines, sympathetic nervous system, and meridian interaction

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The illopsoas muscle is commonly discussed in the bodywork and movement field as a key player in pain and dysfunction. There are a multitude of theories and approaches to correct this dysfunction. It is my intent to engage in a conversation, as I uncover for myself the mystery that this structure possesses. I will explore the [...]