This spring time herbal liver tonic is super easy to make and embraces the slow but powerful energy of the sun into the leaves of these plants, creating magic in your body. This is great for warm days or quick and extreme weather shifts where your body feels the change. A wonderful way to soothe stagnated Qi (energy)  that feels like a chaotic situation in your body. It is a really beautiful preparation process that helps cultivate a steady mind, patience and presence all very good for Liver Qi in Chinese medicine.


2 Tbs peppermint tea (dried or fresh leaves)

1 Tbs dandelion tea (fresh or dried root or leaves)

Place in a clean mason jar and fill with filtered water. Find a sweet little spot in direct sunlight to let the herbs meddle with the suns energy and water together in their own natural way. Let sit for 4-6 hours.

Strain leaves out of tea with cheese cloth or strainer.

Add 1 Tbs raw honey and mix well.

Optional 1 tsp lemon

Enjoy cool or warm (depending on disposition and weather)

Loving you and your liver!