As the season shifts, so do our bodies, minds and spirits. We are a true reflection of nature and our bodies cycle with the movement of seasons. It is greatly important to align our whole Self with wellness practices that sustain our vitality. My teacher says that our true nature is neither depressed nor anxious. Yet, when we fall out of synch with the rhythms of the earth, we can feel a disconnection. This disharmony hinders our happiness and pulls our awareness of the bigger picture out of vision. When you begin to feel the dark walls cave in around you or the mind chatter overwhelm you beyond your coping capacity, there are some helpful Yogic tools that can assist your return to center. This is the time of year where many people suffer form SAD (seasonal affective disorder), Depression, holiday and financial Anxiety/Stress. We do not have to suffer through it till the season shifts and so do our moods. Take action now and create an internal environment that serves your higher good and wellbeing.

Some helpful tools for Depression:

Pranayama: Breath of Joy- A three part inhale with arm movements forward in front of your body,  to the sides of your body and over head. A big exhale with a sigh or sound out of the mouth. Be free and let it all go…

Mantra (Nada Yoga): Mahaha, the sound of the heart encouraging compassion and laughter. Repeat out loud until you feel lighter.

Some helpful tools for Anxiety:

Pranayama: Bramari (bees breath)- Place your hands gently over your eyes (try not to press on the eyes) stick you thumbs in your ears to block out any sounds around you and make a humming/buzzing sound like a bee. Repeat until you feel complete and relaxed.

Yoga Asana: Parsaritta Padattonasana with head on a block. Step you legs wide apart.  Place your toes slightly inwards, heals out. Bring you hands to your hips and fold forward at the hip crease. Place your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders and rest you head/forehead on the block. Stay for 5 to 10 full deep breaths, stay longer if you do not have any high blood pressure or glaucoma.

Some helpful immune and wellness tools:

The greatest tool that I have found through my own experience has been self love and acceptance. Creating an internal environment of kindness and embrace is deeply healing. Make time for the things you love and that contribute to filling your inner resource. This will be what sustains you through the darker days. There is a natural inward pull this time of year, try not to let this suck you down, let it draw you in. Slow down your pace, flow with the natural light cycles of day and night. Let the quiet time spark creativity. When the little negative voice says to resist what your intuition know is best, practice partipaksha bhavana, or “practicing the opposite” counteracting a negative feeling with a positive one. (For example: If you are feeling low energy, “I could use more energy or I have an abundance of energy”). Watch negative self talk, the voice inside your head is not who you are. You are not your thoughts, you are so much more!
Stay active and get outside even when it is stormy and seemingly uninviting, you may be surprised. Breathing in fresh air and walking on the earth, even for 15 min can be a day changer. Recent studies show (I am learning about this in my Psychology classes) the positive affects of exercise on the brain, neural plasticity and a positive mental state. Nourish yourself with good healthy warming food, a pot of chicken soup can go a long way! Hippocrates said “let food bye thy medicine”. Reach out to your social support (kula). Good company can lighten a challenging experience or situation. Sometimes sharing what you are truly feeling softens the pain and a good laugh be deeply rejuvenating. Live with daily gratitude, even the unpleasant has a teaching to offer us. In the picture below I have some of my favourite health tonics and winter immune support. Be well. Loving you…through the season.

Remember to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH, it’s all a gift!


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