“Let no memory block your hearts capacity to love.” ~Elena Brower

How can I rise up and shine this Christmas? How can I fully embody who I truly am beyond the family and societal roles, expectations and traditions? How can I live in love more authentically?

I have been hearing the question, are you ready for the holidays? What does this mean? I can feel a  Christmas consumer frenzy energy around. I came home with a headache yesterday from a few hours out and about. I reached to my practices to restore balance. It was there that I found my answer…Being ready for the holidays in my heart and soul is how balanced and in connection with my spirit I am. This means staying true to my practices that help me live in love.

The holidays can be a time of deep connection, filled with great joy and many precious moments. Yet, for many these are times of challenge and heightened emotions. Old triggers are pushed and reactions are less conscious than one would hope. Loss and sadness can be overwhelming.  With all of this the true spirit of giving and receiving can be forgotten. As hard as we try to be joyous always, we cannot help but feel our humanness. In preparation for the coming festivities taking time for yourself can be transformative.

The yoga practice can help to expand awareness so we can be present and aware in each moment. A yin yoga class or slow inward reflective practice of seated hip openers and meditation will help expand ones presence of mind. In my humble opinion, the breath is the most powerful tool we have. Through our yoga asana and meditation practice one can deepen the capacity to observe, feel and notice what arises. It is beneficial to hold poses such as Gomukasana (cow face pose) and breath into the sensation, staying through the intensity with love and acceptance. Observe how things shift. You can then apply this learning in your challenging moments, staying present with your breath.

Live this holiday breathing deeply, so that you can show up for yourself first and then for the people you care about. Notice the things that pull you out of alignment with your spirit and keep tapping back into the internal reservoir of love. Instead filling up with substances try reaching inside to the inner nourishment…This presence will hold you in your higher Self. You may even notice that need less food and drinks and have more energy to give!

Hold a compassionate space for yourself especially if you slide into old negative patterns, we are all just travelling down the path of life and growth.

“…let love be the most influential source of all our actions and interactions…” ~Elena Brower

Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year

~Namaste Nicole

“Let your light shine. Be a source of strength and courage. Share your wisdom. Radiate love.”  ~Wilfred Peterson