“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back…” ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Melody Walford R. Ac

I completed my acupuncture diploma with honours at one of the leading institutions in North America for complementary and integrative medicine, Pacific Rim College.

I am a yoga therapist and body worker trained in Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, Thai massage, and Acupressure. With every person I assists as an acupuncturist, I draw from my diverse knowledge base to best support people on their unique journeys. My approach in acupuncture, yoga, and bodywork is to guide others using non-intrusive, gentle, and intuitive methods. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of energetic medicine and the innate healing potential within each person.

I was born and raised on Hornby Island and live in Tofino. I enjoy being fully immersed in nature through surfing, hiking in the woods, and running on the beach. Meditation and yoga are cherished practices that help me to live a more integrated and embodied life.

I have a special interest in women’s health, trauma therapy, and sports medicine. I treat a wide variety of illnesses from pain, depression and anxiety to seasonal allergies and sports injuries.



Through inspiration, education and exploration I encourage students to see themselves for who they truly are beneath story.  By creating an opportunity to strengthen the body, clear the mind and move blocked energy; I offer the container for healing to take place.

As a practitioner, and a person, Melody’s kindness and compassion fill any space she occupies, and create a container of therapeutic safety that is exceptional within the field of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Her gentle approach, depth of heart-centered insight, and ability to find the thread of beauty and strength in even the most challenging circumstances allows for my breath to regulate and my body to soften when I’m in her care. In my tissues, this creates a degree of receptivity to treatments from Melody that translates into lasting structural and emotional change, and a heightened capacity for self-compassion.

Fabienne Calvert Filteau, R.Ac.

My experiences with Melody are always deeply nourishing. Her energy always feels clear and her hands seem to be guided by ancestral wisdom. I have had many varied treatments and Melody is one of my absolute favorite practitioners.

Shani Cranston , Founder of Milagro Living and Pioneer at hOMe Grown Living Foods

Melody is a truly gifted practitioner. Her hands are strong and her heart is gentle. She has the ability to find the places within that need support and love, movement and stimulation, expansion and contraction. Whenever I go see Melody I know I will be held in the most sacred space and will leave feeling more embodied and more loving of all that I am. Thank you Melody!!!

Marika Hall, R. Ac

Melody is a very intuitive and skilled bodyworker. As a massage practitioner myself with 20+ years of experience and 30+ receiving bodywork, I am very particular in my needs as a receiver. Melody has consistently given me effective and healing treatments that have taken me to the next level.

Peter Cloud Panjoyah

Having a treatment from Melody is a gift. She is skilled in her knowledge and intuition as well as her caring way of being. I dream of driving to Tofino just to see her!

Aileen Fearman

Melody’s treatments are skillful, intuitive and unique in that she draws from a wealth of experienced knowledge and modalities. I always feel well taken care of after receiving both acupuncture and massage from her.

Jacky Challenger, Owner of Coastal Bliss Yoga

Can’t say enough great things about Melody! I began seeing her for acupuncture to balance things out and get my body + cycle back on track after having my low-dose-hormone IUD removed. Although I was first introduced to her through yoga her passion for the human body, healing modalities, and a holistic approach to wellness quickly became apparent. She’s attentive, nurturing, and always an invaluable source of knowledge on all things related to health and well-being. Melody’s warmth and energy shine regardless of the setting, I always mark my calendar and make sure to attend her yoga classes (Slow Flow is the jam!) and look forward to our acupuncture sessions. Her hands on approach is reassuring and intuitive and always leaves me feeling better than before. If you haven’t had the joy of being treated by (or even just meeting) Melody, I highly recommend making it a priority.

Andrea Turner

Your enthusiasm for yoga, and your passion, is evident in your teaching.  Inspiring!  Your guidance is good, and your quotations are always inspiring and suitable to the practice.  Melody’s classes are like my own personal yoga horoscope.  Her words and guidance fall perfectly into my daily practice, guiding me in just the right direction.  Thank you Melody!

Vanessa Marshak

Melody’s clear instructions leads me to go deeper into the postures guiding me to find the strength while reminding me to use my breath to find ease in the postures.  Melody’s classes are varied and well thought out.  I enjoy how she brings the seasonal changes and themes into her classes.  I find I am always learning something new about my practice and I look forward to her classes.  Melody is a positive addition to Oceanside Yoga.  I have had a massage from Melody as well.  I left feeling energized while my muscles felt relaxed and well worked (knots worked out).  Great massage.

L Jenson

I like the challenges, variety of poses and the ability to “recover” after being challenged.  ie child’s pose.  I have been a yoga student for over 25 years and I find Melody’s teaching very mature.  I can tell she gives great thought to the class before teaching.  The result is a smooth, journey to the end.  I always leave feeling wonderful.  Thanks Melody!

Tina Phillips

I love Melody’s classes.  They are very organized and energetic.  There is usually a spiritual aspect with a reading that feeds my soul.  Melody is an excellent teacher.  Classes are always different and challenging.

Marilyn Hurl

Excellent experience – well explained and great flow.  Melody’s classes have wonderful flow and serenity.  A great workout.

Nancy Harrisin

Thank you.  I came to this class anxious, low mood, irritable and in a lot of pain and I left feeling peaceful, calm and in less pain.


It was a wonderful class.  Very clear explanation and a lovely calm vibe.

Vanessa Bernard

Relaxed, inspired, informed.  This is an excellent workshop for healing yourself from depression/anxiety.


Words that sometimes come to mind are “beautiful experience”.  Getting the exercise I want as well as calming my mind and leaving the day’s stress behind.