Melody Walford Yoga and MassageI was raised on a small farm on Hornby Island, off the coast of Vancouver Island.  The farm was lively and centered around community, and it was here my interest in alternative living began.  Riding horses in the forest, harvesting vegetables from the garden, and spending endless hours on the beach exploring fill my memory.  As a teen, fastened with a belt of curiosity and teenage courage, I struck out to discover my own value system and understand life, beyond the immediate surroundings of my childhood.

I have always been a seeker, hungry for answers and the hidden stories underneath appearances.  Most of my early twenties were spent travelling, surfing, and studying body-centered practices; that would deepen my engagement with myself, my environment and in turn, with the world around me.  Being a highly sensitive woman, I struggled to understand how the world could be brutal and beautiful simultaneously.  Growing up with the use of alcohol and drugs around me was confusing and an underlying anxiety often accompanied many of my experiences, which has lead to my burning desire to contribute to the world.  I found myself on a quest to understand my inner world better and assist others on their paths to wellness, leading me to study massage and Chinese medicine.  I discovered it is paramount to me that just as the land is tended, our health, hearts, and inner worlds are also tended.

My studies brought me to California, where I experienced a lot of growth and a time of profound personal darkness.  My engagement with my partner ended and I fell into depression and gaping loneliness.  In seeking relief from my pain, I became committed to exploring many forms of healing and found the light in the dark.  I have explored talk therapy, meditation, somatic experiencing, bodywork, acupuncture, and five-rhythms dance.  I am learning to sing and engage my diaphragm as a transformational practice of therapeutic release.  From books like Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh, I am learning to slow down and connect within.  The guidance of each of my beloved teachers and mentors illuminates my path.  They teach me to inquire inwardly with humility, tenderness, and compassion.  I am learning to regulate my nervous system and choose from my resources what will serve me best each day.

Over the past ten years I have been devoted to a daily meditation and yoga practice.  I value ease, movement, and the sacred safety that is created internally with effective tools.  I am honoured to share what I continually learn and what is revealed to me from the Divine.  I enjoy encouraging people to use their hearts, bodies, breath, creativity, and vulnerability in order to transform.  My strength to others is my compassion and presence.  I am committed to being open to what a client needs moment to moment and being sincere with my words, touch, and other resources offered.  My approach in both yoga teaching and massage is to guide others using non-intrusive, gentle, and intuitive methods.  Now, in my second year of acupuncture studies at Pacific Rim College and through witnessing and receiving healing on the table, I believe wholeheartedly in the power of holistic medicine.

My dream and vision for the future is to be a part of a supportive community space in which I am connected to nature and living a sustainable existence.  Where all people can come together to learn, grow and restore, while working for the health of our planet.



Through inspiration, education, and exploration, I encourage students to shine and see themselves for who they truly are beneath the story.  By creating an opportunity to strengthen the body, clear the mind and move blocked energy; I offer the container for healing to take place.

Your enthusiasm for yoga, and your passion, is evident in your teaching.  Inspiring!  Your guidance is good, and your quotations are always inspiring and suitable to the practice.  Melody’s classes are like my own personal yoga horoscope.  Her words and guidance fall perfectly into my daily practice, guiding me in just the right direction.  Thank you Melody!

Vanessa Marshak

Melody’s clear instructions leads me to go deeper into the postures guiding me to find the strength while reminding me to use my breath to find ease in the postures.  Melody’s classes are varied and well thought out.  I enjoy how she brings the seasonal changes and themes into her classes.  I find I am always learning something new about my practice and I look forward to her classes.  Melody is a positive addition to Oceanside Yoga.  I have had a massage from Melody as well.  I left feeling energized while my muscles felt relaxed and well worked (knots worked out).  Great massage.

L Jenson

I like the challenges, variety of poses and the ability to “recover” after being challenged.  ie child’s pose.  I have been a yoga student for over 25 years and I find Melody’s teaching very mature.  I can tell she gives great thought to the class before teaching.  The result is a smooth, journey to the end.  I always leave feeling wonderful.  Thanks Melody!

Tina Phillips

I love Melody’s classes.  They are very organized and energetic.  There is usually a spiritual aspect with a reading that feeds my soul.  Melody is an excellent teacher.  Classes are always different and challenging.

Marilyn Hurl

Excellent experience – well explained and great flow.  Melody’s classes have wonderful flow and serenity.  A great workout.

Nancy Harrisin

Thank you.  I came to this class anxious, low mood, irritable and in a lot of pain and I left feeling peaceful, calm and in less pain.


It was a wonderful class.  Very clear explanation and a lovely calm vibe.

Vanessa Bernard

Relaxed, inspired, informed.  This is an excellent workshop for healing yourself from depression/anxiety.


Words that sometimes come to mind are “beautiful experience”.  Getting the exercise I want as well as calming my mind and leaving the day’s stress behind.