Late summer is a time for slowing down after the outward and expansive summer. This season is an opportunity to do grounding practices, spend more time indoors, shift eating patterns to warming and nurturing while connecting to the element of earth. Represented by the organs of Spleen and Stomach, this is the idea time to heal the digestive tract and soothe emotions of worry and pensiveness. The sweet flavor dominates the senses as we gather energy inwards to prepare for the seasonal shift into Autumn. This element also is representative in the seasonal transitions 10-14 days between each changing season.

May you be held in the warm embrace of mother earth, knowing you are not separate from her. In Chinese medicine our bodies are seen a reflection of the natural world; as the seasons shift so do we internally. The work is to align our external lives with the energy of each different time of year through the foods we ingest and lifestyle activities we engage in.

Be well.