I have always wanted to be a part of a revolution.

I am a child of environmental activists and I can remember sitting down with my father and asking him to tell me stories about fighting against nuclear power in the seventies. I was so eager to know the feeling of full immersion in a cause of that importance and intensity. I often thought to myself, I wish I was alive then, so I could have been apart of that kind of movement.

My aim for the past ten years has been health, wellness, and developing a career in Integrative medicine. Chinese medicine embodies the premise of no separation between nature and human nature. It teaches that we are simply reflections, as the seasons change so do our bodies, as we cause harm to the earth we disconnect from our own true nature. I have contemplated this endlessly and the only reason I can come up with to understand why we are knowingly ignoring the signs coming of the earth about the global crisis of climate change is: Trauma. I do believe humans are innately good at our core and it is pain that blocks us from acting in an integral way in alignment with truth and love.

It is my mission on this precious earth to assist humans in healing the impressions of Trauma that remain trapped in our bodies. In my understanding if we discharge and heal the energy that is blocking our authenticity, we can begin to feel the impact we are having on the earth and each other. When we are in touch with this truth we will see the interconnection of all life beyond perceived separation.

This is a revolutionary time, maybe even the beginning of a revolution and it starts with an inner revolution. The work begins with touching the unhealed places inside of us and increasing our capacity to serve life. I realize the privilege it is to have the resources to look inwards beyond basic survival, which is why it is even more important that we don’t turn away now. If not for own healing but for those who don’t have the opportunity to this kind of work. This investigation of the parts of ourselves that we have denied or cut off from and ignored is vital to our survival as a species and to all species we share the planet with. It is not about making ourselves wrong it is about gently whispering to our souls and regenerating our bodies into action. Trauma, described by Lorie Eve Dechar is “the energy within us that has not been metabolized”. Trauma expert, Dr. Peter Levine says that Trauma is any experience that has left us feeling hopeless, helpless or out of control.

As we become curious and investigate our shadows gradual and increased resiliency has the potential to emerge helping us attend to the health of our planet. It starts with an inward journey of self-discovery. When we gain capacity to hold more than basic survival the door opens to service. In yoga we call this “karma yoga” the path of selfless service. It is imperative that we do not bypass the inner work of feeling and embodying ourselves, give when we are depleted or use our pain to inflict more aggression. But when we are motivated from place of wholeness with extra resources a spontaneous flow of energy will guide our actions. This alchemy of transformation is available; it is our birthright to move beyond self-limiting beliefs and harmful conditioning towards our true nature. I believe we are all activists at heart and that we are the next revolution. Simply put, we are only as healthy as our planet is and the time is now to step into creating change.

To inspire and motivate you, please watch the story of plastic documentary, watch HERE. If you are seeking a cause to focus on this is a very important one!

My pledge is to not purchase any new clothing until November and do everything within my capacity to minimal plastic. What is yours?

Love Melody