To all my single friends on Valentines day

February 14th, 2017|

Today doesn’t have to suck. You don’t have to feel miserable. This day could be an opportunity to inquire, to look into the places that hurt with tenderness and acceptance. It is my understanding that [...]

A path of embrace

February 18th, 2016|

Here is a piece of my heart, the story of a journey that has brought me into a deepening relationship with Self. I spent most of my teens and early twenties limited by my need [...]

The journey

June 30th, 2015|

What an incredible two weeks it has been...life feels ripe and profoundly full at the present moment. It is like every day is stretching my capacity to feel joy. Many endings are opening me to [...]

What is in a name ….. why Melody?

June 11th, 2015|

So here I am freshly 28 years old and shifting my name. Not changing my name because my legal name is Melody Nicole Hurrell Walford. It all started back in February, the beautiful full moon [...]