Autumn season is the season of harvest, where we receive the growth the growth of spring and summer.

“the seeds we have sown, now we shall reap” ~Elson M. Haas

Autumn is the season of gathering natures products before winters rest. Fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains are in abundance. As a symbol of harvest and Halloween/Samhain squashes and pumpkins become plentiful by mid-autumn. We store the excess for the long winter ahead. Canning, gathering wood for the fire, warm clothing are important for the darker months ahead. Even if we are not growing our own food Autumn is a time of preparation for the season of rest and marks the beginning of a cycle of personal turning within, Equinox marks equal light and dark. This calendar day is one of true balance of Yin and Yang with light and dark quality. Our time in this season is naturally directed towards our work, our families and projects at home.

This season is governed by the Metal element, connected to the Lung and Large Intestine organs and the emotion of grief. The ability to breath life in and become inspired combines with the process of releasing and letting go to create a natural balance within us.

All we have is each precious moment, breathe deeply and harvest what is present now.

So enjoy the bounty and glory of this season before nature changes again.